Don’t Miss the Annual Meeting!

May 11, 2021 at 2:00 pm

Everyone in the community is invited to the CWCA Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 18 at 7 p.m. We’re using ZOOM so mark your calendar NOW and in a few days Dale Johnson (CWCA President) will post the Zoom invite on our message board, on our Facebook page, and here on this website. So, “what’s an annual meeting?” you ask: it’s a chance for you to hear about what the CW Board has done in the past year and what the plans are for the future, including our civic association budget. Joining us for the meeting will be a representative from Supervisor Walkinshaw’s office who can answer questions about local issues/plans. Hope to see you there!

It’s that time again…

May 7, 2021 at 11:04 am

When you pay your CW dues you may not become more attractive, a better speller, or gain muscle strength, but you WILL support the efforts of the CWCA to do nice things for our community — like painting house numbers on the curbs and maintaining the entrance markers. We also use the dues money to keep you informed:  snail-mail newsletters, our website, our sandwich boards, and the CW Directory (new one coming this fall!). In non-Covid times, we sponsor community events like Yard Sale Day, Fall Festival, National Night Out, and Holiday Party.  All of this for $30 per year. That’s a deal. If you haven’t paid, please do. Send (or drop off) your check (made out to CWCA) or cash to Susan DiMaina, 5001 Chanticleer Ave. OR use PayPal — right here on our website!

2020 Holiday Decorating Contest Results

December 20, 2020 at 6:29 pm

Behind the scenes: each year judges drive around CW and take copious notes, checking out the festive decorations. We like to use different judges each year to get a fresh take with the selections. Generally, we try not to have a house win first-prize two years in a row (share the joy!) In summary, many of our residents consistently do a terrific job each December, and we thank those of you who participate for the warmth, sparkle, and fun that you share with us. 

Notes from out front: 

*The four 1st prize winners have a sign in their front yard to designate their exalted status.

*Gift card prizes are awarded by mail — except for 1st prize which is personally delivered by a team of Clydesdales…or one of the judges, depending on what’s available. 

*Kudos to those of you who make your decorations; the rest of us are impressed and wish we knew how to operate a jig saw…

*Inflatables are VERY popular and provide a lot of entertainment, especially when they attempt to take flight on a windy day.

*One family added MUSIC this year! (See 1st place/Best in Show) Delightful!

Best Wreath Display

  1. 4813 Hercules Ct./Ohashi
  2. 8603 Canterbury Dr./Flores
  3. 4915 King Richard Dr./Gay-Rigney

Honorable Mention: 8611 Canterbury Dr./Tousignant

Best Lights

  1. 8516 Canterbury Dr./Gillette
  2. 4909 Chanticleer Ave./Switaj
  3. 5109 Southampton Dr./Case

HM: 4829 Ponderosa Dr./Bush

Most Creative/Original

  1. 8615 Canterbury Dr./Friedman
  2. 5000 King Richard Dr./Willcox
  3. 8803 Queen Elizabeth Blvd/Lee

HM: 5104 Southampton Dr./Ries

Best in Show

  1. 8703 Nero St./Gina
  2. 8701 Queen Elizabeth Blvd./Phillips
  3. 8706 Prudence Dr./Johnson

HM:5023 Fleming Dr./Purkat

       And 4919 Althea Dr./Mosel

NEW category! Honorable mentions to some frequent winners who consistently provide festivity and delight – 4811 Woodland Way/d’Alelio and 5003 Chanticleer Ave./Lloyd

CW Holiday Decorating Contest

November 24, 2020 at 12:50 pm

It’s the 8th year of our annual contest! Think FESTIVE — think FUN. Let’s end 2020 with color and sparkle. There’s no entry application; just decorate your home and yard however best expresses your holiday self! Judging will take place on Dec. 15-18, so make sure your decorative lights are on those evenings.

Awards will be given in these 4 categories: Best Wreath/Door Display, Best Use of Lighting, Most Original/Creative, Best in Show