2017 CW Holiday Decorating Contest RESULTS

December 24, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Be sure and tell your neighbors how much you appreciate their festive efforts!


1st   8415 Queen Elizabeth Blvd. (Prillaman)

2nd 5104 Southampton (Ries)

3rd   4919 Althea (Mosel)

HM 4814 Hercules (Pearson)

HM 5014 Wakefield Chapel (Restrepo)



1st   8800 Prudence   (Kessler)

2nd 4914 Althea   (Benesch)

3rd   5016 Fleming   (Stinson)

HM   8521 QEB   (S. & K. Smith)

HM   8507 QEB   (Kokkinis)

HM   8513 Canterbury   (Napoli)

HM   4900 King Richard   (Reingruber)

HM   4928 Andrea   (Gueavara)



1st   8707 Nero   (Grant)

2nd   5023 Fleming   (Purkat)

3rd   5009 Althea   (J. & K. Smith)

HM 8611 Canterbury   (Tousignant)

HM 5005 Althea   (Adamus)

HM 4913 King Richard   (Kinkead)



1st   8505 Canterbury   (Bird)

2nd   4916 King Richard   (Garrison)

3rd   4811 Woodland Way (d’Alelio) tied with 5003 Chanticleer Ave (Lloyd)

HM  4825 Candace (Kirchner)

HM 8503 QEB (Anderson/Shelton)

HM 5010 Althea (Bonafede)

HM 5000 King Richard (Willcox)

HM 8803 QEB (Lee)

We are wreathed in holiday spirit!

December 21, 2017 at 1:04 pm

Here’s a little sampling of the variety of wreaths in CW this year. We’ll be posting the results of the 2017 CW Home Decorating Contest soon — so come back to the website to check in a few days!


Holiday Party a Success!

December 2, 2017 at 11:08 am

Last night’s gala event in the CWES cafeteria was a great way to kick-off the season. Over 135 people from CW, Stone Haven, and Red Fox attended the event — many of them four feet tall and under! If you didn’t get there this year, aim to do it next December. We gave out lots of door prizes for kids and adults, there was silly dancing, face painting, games, crafts and food. Even Santa took time from his busy schedule to stop by! Scroll down for the pictures — you’ll probably recognize some friends and neighbors.

CW Holiday Decorating Contest

November 27, 2017 at 8:45 am

Put up those lights! Inflate those snowmen! Deck your halls — and your home may win a place in CW history. First, second, third place (and a few honorable mention) prizes will be awarded and — for those homes taking FIRST place in the various categories — a sign indicating WINNER will be placed in each yard.

There is no entry application; just decorate your home and yard to help make our neighborhood festive for the holidays.

IMPORTANT: Judging will take place between noon on December 20th and noon on December 23rd so make sure you have  turned on your decorative lights on those evenings. Homes will be viewed in the evening and during the day as well.

Awards will be given in these categories:

Best Wreath/Door Display

Best Use of Lighting

Most Original/Creative

Best in Show