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American Disposal Service (ADS) Rates:

Canterbury Woods Residents,

We apologize for the delay in getting the trash disposal rates with American Disposal Services (ADS) negotiated for this year (2018).  The community representatives that we were working with had to get the CW rates approved through the appropriate personnel before committing to the new rates, and some of those personnel were on vacation.

The rates and services that we have negotiated are a 40% savings over the standard customer rate.  You may already have a better rate than the standard rate, so your savings may not be as much as 40%, but it is unlikely that you have a better rate than what we negotiated especially since it includes bulk trash pickup.  In order to obtain the negotiated rate, you have to have paid your $30 CWCA dues this year. You can pay online through PayPal or drop off a personal check to Susan DiMaina at 5001 Chanticleer Avenue.

To pay your dues through PayPal, open your web browser and go to the following internet address (  Click on the PayPal link located in the upper right corner of the CWCA website and follow the instructions.

Once you have paid your dues you can contact a customer service representative at ADS at (866-884-8700) to obtain the negotiated rate.  You have to mention that you are a member of Canterbury Woods.  The negotiated rate will be good for one year.  In addition to the once a week or bi-weekly pickup, we will get a free bulk trash pickup day.  The bulk trash pickup day will be announced at a later date by the CWCA board and this service will only be available to CWCA dues paying members.  This service alone will save you at least $50.00 if you had to take trash to the dump by yourself.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to providing more services to benefit CW residents.

Thank you,

CWCA Board





Georgia Kokkinis  703-978-2536


Tyler Brocato   703-323-0587

Jessie Brocato 703-323-0587

Luke Hartley    703-425-2521

Ella Jackson  703-978-1220

Sophie Jackson  703-978-1220

Gabriella Johnson 757-572-2923

Jordan Johnson 757-572-2923

Georgia Kokkinis     703-978-2536

Isabella Napoli (dog walking) 703-906-4711

Gianna Napoli (dog walking) 703-906-7411

Ciara Sinclair    703-426-2514

Shannon Smiga  703-503-8598

Sara Willcox 571-218-8825, 703-321-8225 [References available]

CHILDCARE/Mother’s Helper

Ella Jackson 703-978-1220

Sophie Jackson 703-978-1220

Gabriella Johnson 757-572-2923

Jordan Johnson 757-572-2923

Megan Martin  703-915-2487 (college junior, CPR certified, available in the summer)

Isabella Napoli (Red Cross babysitting, CPR cert., experienced with special needs)703-906-4711

Meghan Smiga  703-503-8598 (note: has own transportation)

Sara Willcox 571-218-8825, 703-321-8225 [References available]


Georgia Kokkinis 703-978-2536


Jordan Johnson 757-572-2923