May 13th Bulk Trash Pick Up for American Disposal Customers

April 30, 2017 at 7:20 pm

ATTENTION American Disposal Customers:  Bulk trash pick up is coming May 13th! 

1) FOUR (4) “bulk” items max per customer (bulk could mean anything from a furniture item such as a chair, sofa, mattress, or carpet to bicycle, gym equipment, etc. ).  If you leave out more than 4 items, they will choose the 4 to take and leave the rest in your property for you to bring back into your house

2) PROHIBITED ITEMS: see list of prohibited items below; however, use the presence of chemicals, solvents, petroleum based products as a guide for what not to try to dispose of…thus, no paint cans, propane tanks, used oil, etc.  (These can all be recycled at the Fairfax County Waste Management Complex)

3) No “routine” garbage items.   (*This is not intended as an extra garbage pick-up day, so they will not pick-up trash bags, lawn debris, etc.)  

4) If you are NOT an American Disposal customer, your bulk trash will NOT be picked up.  We tried to negotiate a bulk trash pick up with New Republic, but they declined to participate.

5) Your dues need to be paid in full for 2017!!! This service is for dues paying American Disposal customers..

Please note this is normally a $50 service you are receiving for FREE.  Our thanks to Adam Strickland for organizing. 

Download (PDF, 51KB)