Board Meeting November 14, 2012

December 15, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Date: November 14, 2012

Location: Liz d’Alelio’s home

Board Members Present: Liz d’Alelio, Susan Dimaina, Andy Kokkinis, Kathy Anderson, Ron Minionis

Special Topic: Meeting with Block Captains


  1. Meeting started at 7:42 p.m.
  2. Liz started by introducing the CWCA board members and thanking the block captains (BCs) for attending.  She called the BCs the ambassadors to the community, who should welcome new CWCA residents and be resources for important information.
    1. There was a discussion of things for BCs to tell new residents.  BCs should explain what a BC does for CWCA and give some interesting/useful information about CWCA (such as the local pools).
    2. BCs do not need to know all the information, but they should know how to get that information or where to point their neighbors for that information.
  3. Liz would like to start calling the Yahoo listserv the Community E-mail instead, as it conveys a less technical and more familiar term.
    1. Discussion during a couple portions of the meeting centered on how to sign up for the Community E-mail.  Currently, there are only approximately 150 members receiving the Community E-mail, and some of those reside in the same household.  The Community E-mail needs to reach more households in order to be more effective.  BCs were encouraged to get their neighbors to sign up.
    2. Some people have expressed reluctance in creating a Yahoo account in order to receive the Community E-mail.
  4. There was a discussion on the CWCA directory.  Someone mentioned that collecting information in the spring and distributing in the summer did not coincide well with families moving in/out of the neighborhood, especially military families.  Action Item: The CWCA Board will discuss this in a future board meeting.
  5. Someone asked why the names of people available for hire (lawn mowing, baby sitting, etc.) was no longer published in the directory.  The response was that publishing the names and contact information for minors is no longer an acceptable practice.  A suggestion was offered that the parents’ name and contact information be published instead.  Action Item:  The CWCA Board will consider this in a future board meeting.  The board will also discuss the possibility of publishing this information on the CWCA web site in addition to or in lieu of the directory.
  6. Liz mentioned that there are 3 positions currently open on the CWCA Board, so BCs should inquire if residents in their area would be interested in one of the following posts: Architecture, Welcome Committee, or Volunteer Recognition.
  7. There is some turnover in the BC ranks.  Several of the current BCs wish to step down from their positions.  BCs were encouraged to look for their replacements.  Area 7 especially needs BC volunteers.
  8. A suggestion was offered to write up a “job description” for the BCs.  The hope is that all BCs would know what is expected of them, and that they can all provide the same services to all residents.  Recruitment of new BCs would also be easier since they would understand their responsibilities.  Action Item: The board will write up a BC job description.
  9. Liz mentioned the emerging “Aging in Place” initiative in CWCA and encouraged BCs to get the word out to the neighborhood to find out if there are residents who need assistance or if there are residents who would be willing to provide assistance.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


Submitted by Andy Kokkinis

November 14, 2012