2020 Holiday Decorating Contest Results

December 20, 2020 at 6:29 pm

Behind the scenes: each year judges drive around CW and take copious notes, checking out the festive decorations. We like to use different judges each year to get a fresh take with the selections. Generally, we try not to have a house win first-prize two years in a row (share the joy!) In summary, many of our residents consistently do a terrific job each December, and we thank those of you who participate for the warmth, sparkle, and fun that you share with us. 

Notes from out front: 

*The four 1st prize winners have a sign in their front yard to designate their exalted status.

*Gift card prizes are awarded by mail — except for 1st prize which is personally delivered by a team of Clydesdales…or one of the judges, depending on what’s available. 

*Kudos to those of you who make your decorations; the rest of us are impressed and wish we knew how to operate a jig saw…

*Inflatables are VERY popular and provide a lot of entertainment, especially when they attempt to take flight on a windy day.

*One family added MUSIC this year! (See 1st place/Best in Show) Delightful!

Best Wreath Display

  1. 4813 Hercules Ct./Ohashi
  2. 8603 Canterbury Dr./Flores
  3. 4915 King Richard Dr./Gay-Rigney

Honorable Mention: 8611 Canterbury Dr./Tousignant

Best Lights

  1. 8516 Canterbury Dr./Gillette
  2. 4909 Chanticleer Ave./Switaj
  3. 5109 Southampton Dr./Case

HM: 4829 Ponderosa Dr./Bush

Most Creative/Original

  1. 8615 Canterbury Dr./Friedman
  2. 5000 King Richard Dr./Willcox
  3. 8803 Queen Elizabeth Blvd/Lee

HM: 5104 Southampton Dr./Ries

Best in Show

  1. 8703 Nero St./Gina
  2. 8701 Queen Elizabeth Blvd./Phillips
  3. 8706 Prudence Dr./Johnson

HM:5023 Fleming Dr./Purkat

       And 4919 Althea Dr./Mosel

NEW category! Honorable mentions to some frequent winners who consistently provide festivity and delight – 4811 Woodland Way/d’Alelio and 5003 Chanticleer Ave./Lloyd