County Trash Collection Petition

The companies that provide trash and recycling collection in
our neighborhood, mainly American Disposal Services and Republic, have
increased their prices, failed to provide consistent pickup, and have stopped
negotiating neighborhood rates for our Civic Association.  In the not so distant past, a representative
from Canterbury Woods was able to negotiate a Canterbury Woods community rate
and a free bulk pickup. However, recently both ADS and Republic informed us
that they no longer negotiate with Civic Associations, and that they will only negotiate
rates with Home Owners Associations (HOAs). 
Republic was the first company to stop working with civic associations
several years ago, and ADS stopped negotiating rates with civic associations
after it was acquired by a Canadian company called Waste Connections in
December of 2018.

After receiving numerous complaints by our residents about
the trash / recycling issues, we began working with the Braddock Road
Supervisor, Mr. Cook (currently Mr. Walkinshaw), to formally lodge complaints
with the county and to investigate what was going on with ADS, Republic, and
other private providers.  You can read an
article of the steps Fairfax County took by searching online for “Fairfax
County Investigating American Disposal Services for failed trash pick-ups”.  An additional article titled “Driver crunch
results in missed trash pickups across Fairfax” was published by the Sun
Gazette Newspapers, Brian Trompeter, on 6 May 2019. 

The CWCA board has looked at other potential options for
trash pickup in our neighborhood.  A
viable option is to have our trash / recycling services to be provided by Fairfax
County.  In order to be considered for
this option the county requires a petition to be signed and submitted to government
representatives for Fairfax County.  Once
the petition is signed by 55% of the Canterbury Woods homeowners, then
Canterbury Woods can submit the petition to Fairfax County.  Fairfax County then votes on whether or not
Canterbury Woods will be approved for county pickup.  The below table compares the various trash /
recycling options.  The rates for ADS /
Republic are the monthly rates (multiplied by 12) that a new customer would be
charged if signing up.  These rates were
taken directly from their website on the 20th of February,
2020.  If you are an existing customer it
is highly likely that you already have a lower quarterly rate, like I do.  However, you need to understand that both ADS
and Republic are in the process of gradually increasing everyone’s rates until
they are on par with the new customer’s rate. 
In other words, expect your bill to go UP!

Provider New Customer Rate
per year
Pickup Bulk Pick-up
ADS $540
not including taxes/ fees
Once a week Extra Cost
Republic $575
Not including taxes / fees
Once a week Extra Cost
County $385
Assessed on your tax bill
Once a week 5 free bulk pickups

So, just WHAT has the CWCA board accomplished?  We have been working with Lainie Shifflet who
is a Sanitary District Administrator with the Fairfax County Solid Waste
Management Program to get information on how to petition Fairfax County to get
County Trash and Recycling services in Canterbury Woods.  I will post a document on the website that
outlines the process for all to view.  In
a nutshell petitions are due on the 30th of June or the 30th
of January and Public Hearings on the petitions occur in October and May.  Services would begin the following January or
July.  So, in a hypothetical example IF
Canterbury Woods submitted a petition that had >55% of the homeowners that
signed it by July 2020, then the board would review the petition in October and
IF the board approved our community for services, then trash / recycling
services would begin on 1 January 2021.  So,
1 January 2021 is the earliest possible date our community could get county
services, if approved. 

Here is what the CWCA board is doing:

  1. Posting updates on Yahoo Groups, Canterbury
    Woods Facebook page, and the CWCA website.
  2. Working with Fairfax County government
    representatives to undertake the petition process.
  3. We will hold two open forums on the subject at
    Canterbury Woods elementary school to discuss the issue on the following dates.  We have Lainie Shifflet confirmed as the
    guest speaker.

    1. 25 March 2020 (Wednesday from 7-8pm)
    1. 21 April 2020 (Tuesday from 7-8pm)
  4. Expect Fairfax County to mail you information on
    the fact that a petition is underway in our neighborhood.
  5. Tracking signatures from homeowners to get an
    accurate tally
  6. Submitting the petition if and when the number
    of signatures exceeds 55%.

Just because the petition process is underway does NOT mean that we are going to get county services.  It merely is collecting signatures from Canterbury Woods home owners to see if there is enough support to continue with submitting a petition.  Submitting a petition with over 55% of the homeowners in support does not guarantee county services either, it would still have to be approved by Fairfax County.  If we go to County services, they would be the ONLY providers in the neighborhood.  We would no longer have multiple providers and trucks.  If trash / recycling services are approved, then the entire neighborhood would be on county services regardless as to whether or not you supported the petition.  Looking forward to the discussions.   Thank you for your patience and cooperation!  

Files related to the process and information are provided at the links located below. Thank you! Sincerely, Dale Johnson