Negotiations for Community Rates are Underway for American Disposal and Republic Trash Services

January 16, 2019 at 11:52 am

CW Residents,

Canterbury Woods negotiates community rates with Republic and ADS and those rates are only good for one year.  We have to negotiate anew every single year.  Last year’s negotiated rates were $23/$25 per month for single/twice a week pickup and INCLUDED 3 WHITE Bulk Item pickup in May.  This in itself could cost you hundreds of dollars if you had a washer/dryer/microwave oven that needed to be picked up.  They are trying to raise the rates to $25/$27 for the same benefits.  As of right now, the CWCA Board HAS NOT accepted those rates, still trying to negotiate, but ADS is sticking to their rates.  

All that being said, there are several households in the neighborhood that have rates as low as $18 or lower per month for single pickup per week.  This does not include 3 items of BULK pickup in May.  Everyone in the neighborhood is free and able to negotiate their own rates, and you may be more successful to lower your rate on an individual basis.  

I am in contact with Lisa Stuart from ADS (community representative) and have made several phone calls and emails to Republic to get their community rate, but our community representative got promoted and is no longer with our community so they are assigning a new representative.

We also have a new CWCA member at large to take on this task for next year PRIOR to January to negotiate rates BEFORE the rates get raised.  Thank you to Carol Fagnini for volunteering to take this on and to help out our fellow neighbors.  

The negotiated rate is for CW members who have paid their dues, which we currently sit at about 65% of the houses who have paid the $30 for the year.  This is an all volunteer board, so please pay your dues!!

I will update when we have finalized rates, hoping within the next 2 days.  Thank you for your patience!


Dale Johnson