Update: Negotiations for Trash Services

January 22, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Canterbury Woods Residents;

The trash collection rates from both ADS and Republic have increased this year due to regulations that Fairfax County is placing on the companies with respect to disposal locations and fees to use those locations.  If you move into the neighborhood today and go to the website to request new service, you will be charged the following:

1.  Republic $36/month for the first year; $40 per month for the second year, a $60 delivery service for the containers, and a $25 deposit.
2.  ADS,  $34.95/month for once a week collection, additional charges may apply similar to Republic.

We worked with ADS to negotiate rates for the community at $25/month for weekly pickup and $27/month for twice a week pickup along with 3 Bulk items for pickup in May (Bulk items include household furniture such as mattresses, sofas and chairs).


As a reminder, the negotiated rates and bulk item pick up is available only for current due-paying members of CWCA.  If you are not a dues-paying member of CWCA there is a minimum charge of $100 for bulk item pick up. You will have to independently contact your trash removal company to arrange for pick up of bulk items.        


If you have not paid your dues, there is a link here on the website to pay dues.


Republic no longer will negotiate with Civic Associations, so there is no negotiated rate.


As many of you have pointed out, you may have a better rate due to being a customer for a long period of time.  The disposal services are aware of this and will slowly raise your rates to be consistent with the new customer rate over the next couple of years.  So, if you have a lower rate, then stay with your lower rate.  However, at some point, that good deal may end, and the community negotiated rate will be your best option.

Hope that this information helps everyone and please let us know if you have any other questions regarding trash collection.


CWCA Board